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what's a radiohead

departurelounges answered:

i love radiohead. they are the best. nothing is better than radiohead. they are genius. they are the best band, radiohead is more than a band. i love radiohead, i love them. everything they do is genius. i would die for them. you need to hear more of their music. i should tie you up in a room and make you listen to their entire catalog. i love radiohead, they are my religion. if you dont love radiohead then i cannot understand you. i wish radiohead was air so i could breathe them. i wish radiohead was water so i could drink them and have them inside of me. all of their songs are amazing, all of them! i love radiohead, they are more important than you, they are more important than anyone.


A Sleepy Radiohead Playlist


I made this for sleepspirit a while ago. I still use it to relax, hopefully it might help! :)

1. House Of Cards
2. A Reminder
3. Lift (Pinkpop 1996)
4. Give Up The Ghost
5. Meeting In The Aisle
6. Hunting Bears
7. Fog
8. Treefingers
9. Melatonin
10. The Tourist
11. Staircase
12. 4 Minute Warning
13. Worry Wort

It’s not that long. Uh. There you go.


ccrepy asked:

Thanks so much I've been able to buy everything you talked about, I was also wondering do you have or recommend any atoms for peace albums other than amok... I've seen some singles floating around but im looking for some complete things

Unfortunately, singles are not my strong point.  Searching things like “Atoms For Peace discography” on the internet will probably wield better results.

ccrepy asked:

What radiohead albums do you have other than their most popular albums (ie pablo honey, the bends, ok computer, kid a, amnesiac...) I have all their large studio release albums but I'm looking for more b sides, especially some that you've used in that playlist you made for sleepspirit, thanks mate.

Oho, glad you asked! Fortunately, EMI did a lot of the work for me by creating special editions of all Radiohead’s CD’s leading up to In Rainbows. As far as I’m aware these “disc twos” have every released RH song on them (excluding some country-specific live versions) . There’s also a live CD called I Might Be Wrong with live songs from Kid A/Amnesiac performances, and at the end True Love Waits.

After you buy these - for no more than £15 each when I bought them - you go to Radiohead’s website and buy In Rainbows Disk Two from there. Then track down the singles they released since leaving EMI; The Daily Mail/ Staircase, Supercollider/The Butcher (I couldn’t get these off their website last time I tried, you may have to use the method I’m about to explain) and These Are My Twisted Words.

To track down the remainder of their songs head over to CitizenInsane. It’s a website not only listing but also with a page dedicated to every Radiohead song, including unreleased ones. So, when you come across a song you don’t own, and you’ve listened to it on the page and think “hmm, yes I want this why am I even considering it”, what you want to do then is kinda tricky.

Firstly, copy the link of the YouTube video you are watching, for example Follow Me Around. After that, find a “YouTube converter” - this is a website that turns a YouTube video into an audio file. There should be a big bar for you to paste the link to Follow Me Around into. Basically, do as it says and avoid adverts until it’s been downloaded, and when it has right-click it and open it with iTunes/media player of your choice.

Hope this helps!